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Friday, June 24, 2011

TinkerBell Yang Comel


Salam Jumaat semua :)

actually saya nak post pasal ni semalam, tapi dihimpit kebizian la pulak...

so..bila kita kata... TINKER BELL? siapa tu? korang kenal tak?

saya sangat suka tengok kartun okey... sebab tu nama2 macam ni tak asing bagi saya hehe..

kalau korang biasa tengok citer Peter Pan, mesti ada watak Tinker Bell ni kan.. ala fairy yang kocik ada sayap mcm kupu2 kenit tu..hehehe itulah dia Tinker Bell..

so Tinker Bell yang saya nak citer ni bukan la sebagai watak sampingan dalam citer Peter Pan tu, tapi ni movie pasal Tinker Bell selaku watak utama gitu.. cewah..

ha... ya, itu lah Tinker Bell... comel kan? comel giler okey..
so, meh saya kopipes sket sinopsis citer ni..

Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) is born from the first laugh of a baby, and is brought by the winds to Pixie Hollow (which is part of the island of Never Land). She learns that her talent is to be one of the tinkers, the fairies who make and fix things.

Two other tinker fairies, Bobble (Rob Paulsen) and Clank (Jeff Bennett), teach her their craft, and tell her about the fairies who visit the mainland to bring each season. Tinker Bell is thrilled and cannot wait to go to the mainland for spring.

While out working, she meets Silvermist (Lucy Liu), a water fairy; Rosetta (Kristin Chenoweth), a garden fairy; Iridessa (Raven-Symoné), a light fairy; and Fawn (America Ferrera), an animal fairy.

♥ Fawn, Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa.. comel2 kan? ^_^  ♥

♥ Vidia, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist & Tinker Bell ♥

After meeting them, she notices Vidia (Pamela Adlon), a fast-flying fairy who immediately dislikes her because of her unusually strong talent. Vidia challenges her to prove she will be able to go to the mainland, and Tinker Bell creates several inventions, which she shows to the Minister of Spring (Steve Valentine).

But Tinker Bell soon learns from Queen Clarion (Anjelica Huston) that only nature-talent fairies visit the mainland.

She tries her hand at nature skills; making dewdrops with Silvermist, lighting fireflies with Iridessa, and trying with Fawn to teach baby birds to fly, but she fails miserably at all of these.

Meanwhile, Bobble and Clank cover for Tinker Bell when questioned by Fairy Mary (Jane Horrocks), the tinker fairy overseer. When Tinker Bell returns, she tries to explain, but Mary simply responds that she knows, and expresses her disappointment with Tinker Bell's actions.

On the beach, Tinker Bell finds parts of a music box and figures out how to put them together. Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, and Rosetta witness her doing this, then tell her that she was tinkering and that she should be proud of her talent—if this is what she's good at, the mainland should not matter.

But Tinker Bell still wants to go to the mainland. She asks Rosetta if she will still teach her to be a garden fairy, but Rosetta says she thinks that tinkering is Tinker Bell's talent.

As a last resort, Tinker Bell asks Vidia for help in becoming a garden fairy. Vidia craftily tells her that capturing the sprinting thistles would prove her worth.

However, once she sees Tinker Bell making progress, she lets the captured thistles loose, and in attempting to recapture them, Tinker Bell destroys all the preparations for spring.

Tinker Bell decides to leave, but after talking with the light-keeper Terence (Jesse McCartney) about how important his job is, she realizes the importance of a tinker.

Tinker Bell redeems herself by inventing machines that quicken the process of decorating flowers, ladybugs, etc. This allows the other fairies to get back on schedule, thus saving the arrival of spring.

Vidia is punished for prompting her to cause the chaos, and Queen Clarion allows Tinker Bell to join the nature-talent fairies when they bring spring to the mainland.

Tinker Bell is given the task of delivering the music box to its original owner (shown to be Wendy Darling).

The narrator ends by saying that when lost toys are found or a broken clock starts to work, "it all means that one very special fairy might be near."


ha...best kan? saya tengok citer ni berulang2 kali sejak saya simpan movie ni...huhu..

ok la, hope korang enjoy!

p/s : next week saya ada kursus kat Melaka, so maybe no updates from me for the whole week.. insyaAllah will be back minggu selepas tu...

Thanx for reading this entry! ^_^


Viva Bergolek²

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