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Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Hi, how are you guys? I spent some time reading through my old posts and somehow I feel like writing something today.. just something random that came through my mind this morning..

Since it's Wednesday, and I really missed English day (Wednesday is English day during my school time), I'll try to use as much English as I can in this post (of course I'll use some BM since I like rojaking my post haha.. is rojaking even a word..pfffttt)

My lovely Nukman is 1 year plus now, and I just realized how time flies.  It feels like I just gave birth to Nukman yesterday, and now he's walking on his own.  Now I understand why most parents doesn't want their child to grow up too fast.  They're adorable when they're babies, not that they're not adorable when they're bigger. LOL.

And when I think of Nukman, I think about my understanding, caring, dependable husband too.  ME has been very helpful in taking care of our son together.  During weekdays, I'll pick Nukman up from the babysitter's house and take care of him until midnight.  Then, from midnight till the morning, ME will take over and I got to get some sleep.  Not many husbands are willing to help their wives during the night shift, and I am so grateful that ME's helping without complaints.

Now that Nukman dah besar sikit and waktu tidur dia lebih kurang macam kita, and he woke up only once or twice during the night for his milk, selainnya memang tidur jela.  Lega sikit ME kan.  Actually, I do feel sorry for ME coz he went home at 10.00 pm and I know he's tired but yet he still took care of the night shift *smiles*

That's why people, be grateful with what you have now and don't just complaint.  Apa yang penting? KERJASAMA! eheks~

 Thanx for reading this entry! ^_^


Wordless Wednesday : Freely


I can walk freely now!

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