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Friday, July 5, 2013

Finally I'm Pregnant ^_^

Assalamualaikum :)

Wow, I think I've neglected my blog for too long.  What happened to me?

Well, to be honest I haven't been in the mood for blogging since earlier this year.  I don't know, maybe I'm wondering what will happen to my life next (wondering and planning, yeah).

Frankly speaking, I've thought of applying to work overseas (in Malaysia Embassies around the world). Well, I'm working as a personal assistant and every once in say, 3-5 years, there will be kekosongan in PA's posts in embassies that'll need to be fill.  Arghh seriously, I'll just skip the explanation hehe :)

So, after 2 years++ of marriage and having no children, I've even thought of working far away from home. I don't care, I just wanna try something new in my life, new environment perhaps?  However, earlier this year, in January I believe, JPA ada laaa announce kekosongan for some posts and I thought of applying.  But, I still tak berani nak apply, tak tau laaa..maybe saingan ramai gila kot?  Kekosongan 5-6 post aje, tapi yang apply maybe hundreds? thousands? who knows kan :)

So again, I'm stuck here in the same workplace, i mean jabatan.  This year will be my 8th year with my current department. *sighs*

(bila laaa makcik ni nak masuk bab pregnant ni? tajuk beria!)

ye, sabar... sabar.. nak cerita la ni..

So, as you know masa mula2 kawen, people will always ask, "dah pregnant ke? dah ada isi ke? dah ada apa2 ke?" dan soalan2 yang seangkatan dengannya.. Saya just jawab, "belum ada rezeki lagi.." every time people asked me that.  And after 2 years 4 months of marriage, alhamdulillah, Allah SWT makbulkan doa kami suami isteri, both our parents and sape2 je yang mendoakan kami.. syukur sangat2!

Actually memang banyak orang ckp tanda2 seseorang tu pregnant, tapi sebab saya memang slalu sakit kepala, demam2, pening2 sejak kawen so takleh apply sangat tanda2 tu pada saya... Kebetulan masa tu mmg baru lepas baik demam2.. siap makan sup ketam yang mak buat (ubat demam saya tu) and belasah coconut shake lagi..

Keesokan harinya saja2 la buat pregnancy test, saya memang dah biasa sangat test every time my period delayed, so tak harap sangat la sbb every time pun hasilnya -ve T_T

Tapi, kali tu check +ve.  Saya rasa mcm tak percaya, so I tested again to confirm.  And alhamdulillah, +ve...  And guess what, I didn't even tell my husband first, takut dia berharap...  What I did was, I contacted my elder sis and told her about the test and she suggested that I go to the clinic yang dia biasa pergi kat area Equine.

So I went to pick her up at her office in Putrajaya and we went to the clinic together.  She was so excited that she insisted to pay for the fee (RM50 for normal scan) :)

So we met the doctor.  I told the doctor that my period delayed, and that my period cycle is not normal.  And  I told her that I dah buat pregnancy test at home and the result is +ve.  After that, the doctor scan la to confirm if I'm pregnant.  And alhamdulillah I'm pregnant.  However, masa scan tu just nampak kantung aje sbb masa tu kandungan baru 6 weeks.

Of course la this is my first experience, so memang saya panik sikit sebab rasa macam was2, pregnant ke, idak?  Then the doctor suggested that I come again after a month, masa tu kandungan will be about 10weeks utk tengok progress baby.  

Tapi, maybe sbb saya nervous kot, masa check blood pressure (BP), boley naik pulak.  So doc terus buat surat supaya saya terus bukak buku kat klinik kesihatan kerajaan. T_T

So lepas tu balik rumah, and I texted my husband, "esok abg boleh cuti tak? doktor refer saya ke klinik kerajaan, kene pergi ASAP." ahaks. dengan dia tak tau hujung pangkal, kesian dia tah apa la yang dia pikir jadi kat saya masa tu kan? :)

So I waited for my husband that night and right after he sat, I showed him the doc's letter and the sonogram pic (org panggil sonogram ke gambar scan tu? ahaks belasah laaa).. he was so shocked yet happy to see the pic.  He was like, "betul ke ni?" dengan muka terkejut and he hugged me in joy LOL.  Sori la, berterabur dah English.  Please forgive my rojakness :)

And, our life as mommy & daddy-to-be started from that moment.  It was the most happiest moment since we got married. Yeah definitely the happiest for now ahaks.

And so, sejak pregnant ni, I developed a habit of being too lazy to do anything.  Alhamdulillah my husband is sooooooo understanding.  He does all houseworks except lipat baju.  He will never do that haha..  But still, saya tetap bersyukur coz he does all the other chores like washing, cleaning, even ironing our baju2 nak pakai pegi keje.  And he does that even better than me ahaks *dush*

And now, I'm 19weeks pregnant, and harap2 semuanya berjalan lancar dan selamat.. :) doa2kan la kami ye..

I guess this must be my longest post ever, and even nobody read it, I will keep it as a memory utk bacaan masa hadapan.  Mana tau I can show my children what I wrote today kan? ahaks *berangan*

So here, I would like to share my baby's 2nd sonogram.. I think this is when I'm in my 10th week of pregnancy.. he/she is sooooo little in my womb..

In sha Allah I will update more in future sepanjang my pregnancy :) semoga saya sentiasa sihat untuk terus mencoret di sini, amiin (",)

Till then, wassalam :)


  1. am the first one to comment here,rite ;)

    congrats again n again and may allah bless u during your journey to see ur little bunch of joy later, ermm before end of the year rite.

    stay healthy and happy always <3

    1. @mm

      ameen... yes, in sha Allah in November.. thank you :)


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