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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby Nukman admitted to NICU, HTJ


Apa khabar semua? I know some of you are waiting for my pengalaman bersalin post, but I guess that'll have to wait. Too many things had happened since day 1-17 (today is day 17).

At the age of 4 days, Nukman was admitted to SCN, Hosp Tuanku Jaafar coz of jaundice. He was warded for a night only, alhamdulillah. After that, we have to check his blood for another 2 times to be sure that he's free from jaundice.

However, on day 12 or so, Nukman had caught on cough and selsema (what's selsema in English? I don't have time to think now). Pls forgive my rojakness :)

So on day 14 (18 Nov 2013), in the morning, I realised that Nukman looked a bit pale, so I was worried and brought him to see a child specialist in Senawang.  When the doc checked Nukman, he said that Nukman's heartbeat is a bit too fast and he's not supposed to get any batuk or selsema since he's just 2 weeks old. So the doc said that I must take him to the hospital immediately and wrote me a referral note.

I took Nukman to the hospital and waited for 30 minutes- an hour or so before Nukman was checked by a doctor. The yellow zone in HTJ's emergency dept was hectic that day. After being checked, Nukman was immediately upgraded/transferred to the red zone coz they said that he's dehydrated and had to put the water drip on him.

I watched them poking the needle and putting an oxygen box over his head as he's crying constantly and they're afraid that he might not get anough oxygen.  After registering, he was then transferred to SCN, i don't know what SCN stands for, i'm sorry :) but it's a ward to isolate the babies from other patients (i guess).

The doctor there explained to me that for a start, they'll monitor Nukman's breathing and try to stabilise his breathing. If his breathing condition worsen, they might need to transfer him to NICU to get him alat bantuan pernafasan since SCN doesn't have that equipment.

Later that night, i was at home and received a call from the SCN, they told me that Nukman was transferred to NICU  and i have to come to the hospital immediately.  So i rushed to the hospital with ME and went straight to the NICU to see the doc in charge.

Seeing Nukman in the NICU really broke my heart but i couldn't and wouldn't cry, i know i have to be strong.  There's all sorts of tubes and wires all over his body from head to toe.  They strap/bedung his hand down to prevent him from tarik all the wires i guess. I preferred that too, coz if they don't do that, Nukman will hurt himself whenever he move and hit his hand with the drip needle on and i know how much that hurt, that's why he keeps crying.

The doc explained that they need to take his kahak sample to determine wether it's kuman or virus (i don't know whats the differences). And the result will come out in 2-3 days.

So since Monday, me and ME berulang twice everyday to the hospital to see Nukman's progress and to send some stok susu, i'm still trying to pump as much as i can for Nukman.

As for now, it's been 4 days since Nukman been admitted and we still haven't get the kahak result yet. Hope our visit to the hospital this afternoon ada hasil lah.

Ok lah, i need to pump more susu for Nukman, till then, wassalam!

Pls bear with me and let me update on Nukman's condition first. After semua setel, sy akan update psl pengalaman bersalin ye. Tq!

And pls forgive me if ada any spelling mistakes as i'm posting on my iphone, i dont have time to check hehe.

Thanks for reading this entry!

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