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Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary!


How are you guys? I'm sorry I haven't update for months, my last post was in August..thehehe~

So, first of all, HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY to us (ME & me).. Wow, time passed by just like that.. It feels like we're still a newlyweds haha.. Well I guess I still feel like a newlywed coz we haven't even had our official honeymoon yet :p

Yes, we've been on holidays before, but with my whole family :D.. We're still trying to plan a trip for just the two of us :) insyaAllah..

So, back to the topic, our anniversary was on 13th November.. It means a lot to us, it's actually our first time celebrating our anniversary. We can't celebrate last year coz exactly on 13th November last year, my dad was admitted to the hospital.. We didn't feel like celebrating it that time.. Alhamdulillah, my dad is a lot better now.. :)

So, at first, we were thinking about having a casual lunch @ dinner at Secret Recipe with a slice of cake, but then, I changed my mind and I told ME that I suddenly feel like eating 'pulut kuning' made by my mum.. Hehehe~

And, I'm lucky to have a loving, caring and considerate husband by my side, he agreed with my last minute change of plan :D. So we went to my mum's place and celebrated our anniversary with the familia :)

Oh, and it was my elder sister's birthday on 5th November, so I decided to include her in our little celebration..and yay, she liked it :)

So, that's my little story.. Till then, see you next time~ :)



  1. happy annivesarry dik
    semoga bahagia sampai ke jannah


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