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Friday, January 27, 2012

Countdown : Cameron Highlands again yay!!!


How are you guys? Okay, I know I haven't been posted anything lately... I've been busy with personal life and works and stuff.. And sikit penyakit 'M' melanda... Hehehe you know what I mean, right? ^_^

Anyway, it's January 27th today, and I'm officially starting the countdown to our family's short vacation to Cameron Highland (again??)!!! Yayyy!!

I know, maybe some of you will say, "Dah takde tempat lain ke?"

Well, as for me and my family, we've decided to go to Cameron Highlands again this year to make up for unfinished visits to some places that we really want to go last time.

And yeah, I think this time it'll rain in Cameron just like last year! It'll be super cold! I know, and I find that super cool! ^_^ However, I do hope that it'll only rain at night... coz I really need to go down the tea plantation field.. I can't last year since it rained heavily that time T_T

isn't it too beautiful? harap2 impian kali ni tercapai, dapat berlari2 anak di celah2 pokok teh..lalalalala~

Oh, we're going to Cameron Highlands 1-3rd February! It's next week! Awwww I can't wait LOL!! (",) It's in 4 days time! 4 days people! Yay!! Okay, forgive me if I annoyed you, but I'm just too excited :D

Till then, we'll meet again after I got back from my short vacation and finished with photo editing :p

Take care!! Wassalam~ ^_^

Thanx for reading this entry! ^_^

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