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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday : L O V E


Hari ni saya buat "not so wordless Wednesday" version pulak, sebab nak cakap-cakap sikit... hehe.. hope you guys don't mind ^_^

Sebenarnya, the reason why i chose to have the "not so wordless Wednesday" today was because I missed posting new entries in here.  I've been preoccupied / busy (did I use this correctly? Sorry, I'm trying to brush up my English, please understand and feel free to correct me when I'm wrong (= ) with soooo many things since mid November.

As you all know (maybe some didn't know), my dad has been hospitalized last month (mid November) because of heart attack.  Alhamdulillah, after 13 days spent in the hospital, he was allowed to go home and had been given multiple dates for appointments (treatment).

And, here I am today, finally able to post something up here... hehe :D

Here's a little description of the picture I'm about to upload below.  This is something that ME bought for me when we went to Cameron Highlands last January (2011) with my whole beloved family.  I just can't take my eyes off this globe when I first saw it.  And, all this while, it has been 'living' in my closet.. hehe.. Okay, I know, I know.

It's not that I didn't appreciate this, but it's just that I have a very small desk at my office to put this globe on.  But, today, FINALLY, I managed to rearrange things on my desk and put this globe right in front of my face. Okay, not really in front of my face, but.. yeah, you know... It's right beside my PC's monitor, so I can always stare/look at this globe, okay?

So, enough with all these words. I know, it makes your eyes bleed. :p

And now, I present to you... THE GLOBE. =)

The Globe

I took this picture this morning and uploaded it to instagram instantly :p jealous? :p
I don't know if you can see this clearly, but inside the globe, the standing bear, holding a bouquet of flowers, kissing the other bear. It's just too sweet for me ♥ =)

Ooh.. and yes, I turned on the light, it actually blinks.. yay!! ^_^

Jealous enough? Okay you can go and buy yourself one. LOL joking =)

Okay then, I know I've spoilt the "wordless Wednesday" mood, but who cares? This is my "not so wordless Wednesday".. haha.. Again, sorry, just kidding. =)

Till then, take care!

Thanx for reading this entry! ^_^


  1. @sHiLaziZi
    alhamdulillah, nak kata sihat tu tak sangat, tapi insyaallah kami akan teruskan bawak berubat merata2.. =)

  2. Alhamdulillah ayah dah beransur sembuh..semoga ayah anda semakin hari semakin sihat.

    cumey je bear dalam globe tu..romantik ok ^^

  3. Hai cik mai. HEHE :) sweetnye blog org tu~

  4. @Aida Omar
    insyaAllah..alhamdulillah..makan pun dah makin berselera sbb dah boleh mkn nasi, berat badan pun dah bertambah dari 58kg ke 60++.. amiin (",)

    @*FaDhiLaH HaNa*
    haha..sweet sbb ade Yong Hwa kan kan kan.. my 1st bf.. :p


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