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Monday, February 14, 2011

Be A Good PA...

Assalamualaikum ols~

Ha...tengok tajuk pun dah tau... ni sebagai pand
uan untuk rakan2 PA sy di luar sana..yg bukan PA tp rasa2 ada buat keje mcm PA pon bole gak...

pada yg tak paham keje PA pun elok bace gak.. supaya takde la mengata PA ni mcm takde keje je, duk je depan pc... ha..sila buang tanggapan tu okes?

takmo bebel panjang, sy petik dari blog kawan sy, KAK MAS...

kite layan ha...

This is what I hold and look into everyday to motivate and stimulate my spirits. Kinda guidance to help me go through the hard days of working life.

#Step 1

Prepare yourself. Being a personal assistant is mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

You are a receptionist, a secretary, a maid, a travel agent, a calendar, an organizer, an alarm clock, a waitress and a confidant.

An important part of being a personal assistant is simply being prepared for the challenge.

#Step 2

Organize. Nearly every aspect of personal assistant work has to do with organization and scheduling.

You are like a personal secretary robot. Prepare your boss's calendar daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Remind he or she of upcoming events. Stay up on VIP dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, crucial meetings and travel.

Keep track of personal and business, know when to integrate them and when to separate them.

#Step 3

Ask questions. The more you know, the better your performance will be.

If you are getting a ham sandwich for lunch, find out whether Mr. Smith wants mayo, mustard or both.

Asking specific questions will make your job easier and save time later.

It's hard to maintain any dignity when you are scraping unwanted mustard off of ham.

If you have a boss that hates stupid interruptions, ask another co-worker, the former assistant or the spouse.

In the end, if you can't find your answer, go ahead and ask.

It's probably the only time you will have to ask that specific question and your boss's temper will die down very quickly.

#Step 4

Avoid arguments. Personal assistants spend a ton of time in close quarters with their bosses.

You will not agree with everything and if you're outgoing, you will be tempted to speak your mind.

In the moment, it seems like a good idea, but chances are, you'll open up a whole can of worms.

If at all possible, keep your mouth shut and let the moment pass. Not only will you soon cool off and forget about it, but you'll save yourself a lot of stress.

#Step 5

Speak up if something is not right. Although it's a good idea to avoid arguments, it's a bad idea to remain silent on issues such as pay, personal life, harassment and disrespect.

Bosses are humans, too. If you give them the chance, you will almost always be surprised at their response to problems.

#Step 6

Anticipate. No matter what else you do, anticipating the needs of your boss will score you major points and make the job much, much easier.

For example, you know your boss has a busy day. It's about 11:15 am and you know he eats between 11:30 and 11:45.

Sneak in to his office and mention that it's getting close to lunchtime. Would he like for you to pick something up or order something in?

Another example: Your boss leaves for a trip tomorrow and is flying cross-country. Pick up a couple of books for her to read on the plane.

In both of these instances, your boss will be pleasantly surprised that you thought ahead.

Finally, my dear friends:

#Bosses are successful for a reason. This is a hard thing to remember in the heat of an angry moment.

As a personal assistant, you will find yourself sometimes swearing off your boss at the end of the day.

This is normal. But stop and think about it.

How did your boss become successful enough to need you? By mere chance?

It's possible, but the more likely answer is they are hard-working, stubborn, too smart for their own good and occasionally ruthless.

#Mistakes are crucial. Try to learn from them, because personal assistants don't get as many chances as others.

Initial mistakes are good--they are bound to happen and act as excellent learning opportunities. Try not to repeat the same mistake twice.

ha...amacam? berguna kan? sbg peringatan utk diri sy sendiri jugak... all the best gurlz~!!! ^_^

sekian dulu utk kali ni...sehingga ketemu di lain rancangan..wassalam... ^_^ ♥

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